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This is, a list of all Wurstmineberg subdomains and git repos (there's quite the overlap)

Important end-user stuff

URL(s) Repository Description wurstmineberg/ Main stuff wurstmineberg/ For debug reasons, points to dev branch A tumblr with announcements that don't fit in a tweet Server map, uses Mapcrafter A wiki For testing new MediaWiki versions and extensions, uses a read-only copy of the database

Additional stuff that's totally fine 'n dandy

URL(s) Repository Description wurstmineberg/ A REST API with Minecraft and meta info wurstmineberg/ API's dev branch, used on wurstmineberg/ JavaScript, CSS, and other stuff that is used by multiple subdomains wurstmineberg/ Dev branch of the assets, used on wurstmineberg/ You're looking at it Random screenshots, Chunky renders, home to wurstminestats-generated plots wurstmineberg/mapcrafter-playermarkers Generates the player position markers for the server map

Single service / for the lulz

URL(s) Repository Description wurstmineberg/ Days since last death wurstmineberg/ Current in-game weather and forecast wurstmineberg/ In-game time and date wurstmineberg/ Searchable Minecraft block and item database, work in progress

Non-web repos

Repository Description
wurstmineberg/init-minecraft An init script for Minecraft, with some Wurstmineberg-specific extras
wurstmineberg/mcmap Server map generator tool that was eventually supposed to replace Overviewer but has now been replaced by Mapcrafter
wurstmineberg/wurstmineberg-autodeploy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ask eFrane
wurstmineberg/wurstminebot IRC bot for Minecraft
wurstmineberg/wurstminestats Data foo with R. Makes plots. And @wurstminedata.

Non-HTTP subdomains

URL Description Creative server Feed The Beast server Ultra Softcore server, if needed Not a website. Yet. Maybe. Dunno.

Twitter accounts (official and related)

Twitter-ID Description
@wurstmineberg Official account, used for updates, announcements and contact
@wurstminedata Random statistics outlet of wurstminestats
@wurstwater Rogue military organization
@wurstcreature Scientific research
@wrstmnbgrvltn Revolutionary “organization”
@infomineberg Conspiracy theories related to internal politics
@wurstminebooks Because everything needs a mispybot